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First, we need to understand what investing in Social Impact means.  Social Impact Investment is a means by which individuals, institutions & governments can generate positive, measurable, social & environmental impacts alongside a financial return.

Next, why do individuals or entities invest? The baseline is fourfold

  1. Intention – the intention is to have a positive impact on investment.
  2. ROI – The expectation is to have a return on investment while supporting the impact
  3. Diverse range – offers investments opportunities across social & environmental solutions
  4. Change – to bring about a change in the world for future generations

You can now invest like a VC thru this link

As per the GIIN annual social impact survey for 2020, portfolio performance meets or exceeds customer expectations for both impact & financial return.

In 2019 for the first time, the GIIN developed a rigorous methodology to estimate the total size of the market. Since this inaugural market sizing effort, the GIIN has strengthened its database and methodology to continually improve its approach and on June 11, 2020, the GIIN published the 2020 ANNUAL IMPACT INVESTOR SURVEY, which includes an updated market sizing analysis, which estimates the current market size at USD 715 billion

While some investors have been making impact investments for decades, recently there has emerged a new collaborative international effort to accelerate the development of a high-functioning market that supports impact investing. While this market is still relatively new, investors are optimistic overall about its development and expect increased scale and efficiency in the future.

myUDAAN wants to bring Mobility to about 170 million Indians thru Technology

The future of social impact investing

As Millennials start to gain more and more equity in the markets this is an absolute sector that will continue to grow. 90% of Millennials would switch brands to one associated with a cause, so why wouldn’t Millennials switch to investments with these same values as well. With these numbers, social impact investing is poised to be a huge trend. Below are financial ventures changing the world through social impact investing.  Whether they are investing in organic farmland, fintech, innovative entrepreneurs, or sustainable energy, these companies, entrepreneurs, and organizations are using their funds to create a better, more sustainable world.

Some of the ventures fund investing in SII

Tiny shed Ventures invest in environmentally and socially responsible start-up companies

HEED Capital is an impact venture fund normalizing sustainable innovations

The Global Good Fund identifies high-potential leaders and accelerates their success through a year-long, virtual Fellowship focused on leadership development.

Impact Engine funds for institutions and individuals that invest in for-profit, positive-impact businesses in private markets, and bring communities together in service of building the impact investing field.

New Age Capital is a seed-stage venture capital firm and lifestyle company investing in tech and tech-enabled startups founded and led by black and Latino entrepreneurs.

Reach Capital invests in educational startups that strengthen communities makes it easy for Social Impact startups to raise funds thru crowdsourcing.

myUDAAN is one such social impact startup on a mission to create a mobility ecosystem for the Elderly & Persons with disabilities. You can now invest like a VC thru this link

Do your bit to change the world

Single Epicenter app for all your needs.

Customers can buy unique mobility products A unique and dedicated e-commerce platform for all their needs and a platform to connect assistive technology innovators to the baneberries.

Customers can now book an Assistant like Ola or Uber thru simple steps. People can now move freely in Malls Large format stores, & also they can venture out of stations independently.

Customers can check location accessibility before travel. The app classifies Public Location as PwD accessible or inaccessible. My accessibility gives before-hand accessibility information.

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