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Given the sorry state of infrastructure for PwD (Persons with Disability), it would be natural for anyone to be biased and judge this with a negative response. There is the state of the art buildings that boast of world-class amenities but score a big zero when it comes to accessibility for PwD.

One can come across so many experiences when speaking about the lack of facilities for this community, but there is always hope and I cannot help but share one example that has really moved me.

I happened to glance at a room for the specially-abled at Khyber in Gulmarg, Kashmir. What caught my attention was the extensive door that opened the other way, and I quickly understood its reason. This room is specially designed, keeping in mind the requirements of PwD. Accessibility is not standardized in the hotel industry and can be easily interpreted differently, but this hotel definitely ticks all the boxes. Before you conclude, NO, I am not being paid by Khyber for this post, but I salute their spirit. No doubt the property is just outstanding, but their detail to understanding accessibility is also worthy of mentioning

Assistive Mobility by myUDAAN

Some things I noticed

1. Wide parking area with the facility to park very close to the Ramp. A wheelchair user will understand how important this is.

2. Step-free access (ramped) to the main entrance.

3. automated door opening.

4. lobby level accessible washroom (this I did not check personally, though)

5. elevator to above-ground accessible accommodation.

6. level or ramped access to public areas.

myUDAAN wants to bring Mobility to about 170 million Indians thru Technology


1. Wider entry and bathroom doorways, Easy for any wheelchair to access

2. Mid-height light switches and power outlets

3. Lever-type door handles

4. Maneuvering space on each side of the bed

5. Roll-in shower

6. Wheeled shower chair and wall-mounted shower seat

7. Grab bars in the bathroom

8. Raised toilet

9. Lower hanging space in the closet

Points to note

It would be wise to reconfirm your reservation for a guaranteed accessible room a couple of days ahead since not many accessible rooms will be available.

A note to hotels

If your hotel does not have an accessible room available, it would be an excellent gesture to find the PwD guest another Hotel with an accessible room.

Note to Khyber: Thank You for making your hotel accessible in the real sense.

Single Epicenter app for all your needs.

Customers can buy unique mobility products A unique and dedicated e-commerce platform for all there needs and a platform to connect assistive technology innovators to the baneberries.

Customers can now book an Assistant like Ola or Uber thru simple steps. People can now move freely in Malls Large format stores, & also they can venture out of stations independently.

Customers can check location accessibility before travel. The app classifies Public Location as PwD accessible or inaccessible. My accessibility gives before-hand accessibility information.

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