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myUDAAN Wheelchair Taxi​

myUDAAN brings you a unique and special vehicle for individuals with disabilities or for those people who use wheelchairs.

Wheelchair taxi service has improved traveling in a major way, each car is equipped with a hydraulic lift or ramp with an assistant.

Now travel as you wish and experience the freedom of going out independently.

Modified Car

DRIVING IS REALITY, get the car you always wanted

With just a few modifications, adjustments and some training now you can really drive. It is a Pull and push mechanism, when pulled will accelerate & when pushed will operate the brake.
These modified vehicles are suitable for persons with one or both limb disability. The controls are dual in nature and do not affect the normal foot controls of the vehicle. Go forth, get behind the wheel, the road is waiting

Modified Two-Wheeler

NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE . Now get a two wheeler and get going

There are many modification possibilities that have been designed to suit a rider’s specific need. Get customized 2 wheelers as per your need and travel effortlessly Your specially made two-wheeler is waiting for you.
A person with loco motor disability is required to have the modification in the specified vehicle as prescribed by a specialist Doctor in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PMR) / Orthopedic Surgeon. 


ELECTRIFYING NEWS !!! We are here to make it super easy and affordable

Get started with an electric wheelchair. myUDAAN “V GO” wheelchair attachment converts any manual wheelchair to a motorized wheelchair. Now no more hand propelling , just zoom.
5-6 hour charge,10-12 km range and Load  Capacity 150 kg weigh
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