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Does disability hamper success?

“Every person has a different kind of disability, and we need to accept & learn from each other “

If the above quote is understood in its true meaning, then NO, Disability does not hamper success.

Disability starts with a perception that being disabled restricts success, and this starts taking shape at a very early stage in the life of a PwD. The family becomes overprotective, dependency scores over, making the Person with disability (PwD) family member independent. These will be attributed to the overall societal thinking.

A very few People with disabilities (PwD) come out of this mindset and start exploring options & opportunities

“The day I realized mobility would set me free from dependency, that day I started doing things which I thought I could never do, “says Ravindra Singh, Founder of myUDAAN.

Apart from breaking away from a protective shell, he has taken it upon himself to create a Mobility Platform for the disabled & elderly. Even the so-called ordinary people like us would not think of impacting society the way Ravindra does.

Another critical point to note is the Person with a disability (PwD) himself/herself is the most significant change-maker for their own lives. Thinking beyond one’s disability will be the first step towards breaking the shackles limiting success.

The Great Tennis Star Martina Navratilova says, “Disability is a matter of perception. If you can do just one thing well, you’re needed by someone”. We have seen so many people in India who have risen above their disability and have achieved the impossible. A Person with a disability (PwD) can choose whether to lament over disability and continue to fall prey to Societal thinking or look for that one thing that helps rise above circumstances.

myUDAAN wants to bring Mobility to about 170 million Indians thru Technology

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Single Epicenter app for all your needs.

Customers can buy unique mobility products A unique and dedicated e-commerce platform for all their needs and a platform to connect assistive technology innovators to the baneberries.

Customers can now book an Assistant like Ola or Uber thru simple steps. People can now move freely in Malls Large format stores, & also they can venture out of stations independently.

Customers can check location accessibility before travel. The app classifies Public Location as PwD accessible or inaccessible. My accessibility gives before-hand accessibility information.

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