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Is Wheelchair Taxi Needed?

Firstly we need to understand why we need to make a Car/Van wheelchair Accessible

 The need arises when any of our family, relatives or friend is a wheelchair bound person. What we need to keep in mind is the headroom of the car as entry/exit is critical and it might be inconvenient for the person on wheelchair while getting in and out of the car/van. Having said that a very cost effective way is equipping your car with a pull out ramp. Using a pull out ramp, the person on wheelchair is steered up the incline by another person assisting in accessing the car. A motorized wheelchair can also be handy here to enter the car . 

One of the other means of making a car accessible is installing a hydraulic lift, this is a better alternative than the ramp but slightly heavier in your pocket. A lot of wheelchair companies use both Ramps & Hydraulic lifts in India. One company that closely works with people in a wheelchair is myUDAAN, you can look up their website

Another option is to install a sideways wheelchair elevator, the limitation here is you would need a car with large side sliding doors. you always have the alternative of hiring wheelchair taxis.

A most important point to note here is there is no one size fits all, depending upon the person for whom the car is being made accessible, the modification might differ. But in the end, nothing is more important than making life accessible and providing dignity and freedom to our loved ones in a wheelchair.

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