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What You Should Look For In a Mobility Assistant Service

If you are a person with a disability, then naturally, mobility is a challenge for you. You need help to move around town or at times, even in the house. Maybe, you have your beloved family members to help you. But what if they are busy? Or, what if you do not feel like being dependent on them? What then? 

That is precisely when you should opt for a mobility assistance service. For instance, at myUDAAN, our services begin for as low as Rs. 500 for a day. But, if you book a service, what should you expect from them? 

Be it a mobility assistant, a wheelchair assistant, or even a travel assistant, make sure you find an agency that does all. Because, they will help you with your comfort, convenience, and freedom. You must feel comfortable with them enough to be vulnerable around them. That way, you can build a good rapport with the company and continue to seek more services from them, whenever required, without a single worry in your mind. 

So, let us explore a few things that your mobility assistant should help you with. 

  1. Response time

If you need an assistant tomorrow, can you book one tonight? Or do you need to book one a week prior? Make sure the response time is as quick as possible. We pride ourselves on immediate assistance. 

  1. Ease of access 

What is the booking process like? Do you have to talk to people on call? How difficult is it get through to them? How tedious is the booking process? As a company that provides services concerning accessibility, their process of booking should be as seamless as possible. For us, we offer a free, user-friendly mobile application. 

  1. Errands & Entertainment 

Are they willing to travel with you, not merely to run errands, but for entertainment as well? Can they take you to the mall, the movie theatre, parks, restaurants, or to visit a friend? We believe you should control your freedom yourself. Live with no strings attached. 

  1. Shorter Bookings

Does the agency offer bookings only for a few hours, rather than an entire day or night? Oftentimes, you require an assistant only to get you through a few tasks. So, ensure your agency is open to that. 

  1. Cancellation & Replacement 

If you cancel, does the agency charge you a fee? On the other hand, what if the caregiver does not show up? Does the agency offer a free, immediate replacement? 

Ravindra Singh, the founder of myUDAAN, has been a person with a disability for all his life, owing to polio. He faced quite some challenges with other agencies until he decided to take matters into his own hands. With his company, Ravindra has helped countless PwDs and elderly folks claim back their freedom. The company is driven by a motivation to do more for the community and goes beyond mere expectations. 

You can download the free mobile application and avail the benefits of freedom at the click of a button. We hope this blog helped you. If you think there are some more factors to be considered, write to us at

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