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Role of Friendship in caring for someone with Disability

How to be a Friend

Caring for each other should be a part of any friendship, whether or not a disability is involved. And remember, ‘disability’ covers countless conditions that affect people’s movements, senses, and activities in completely different ways, so each person will have unique needs. If you’re ever unsure of how to treat someone, being honest and asking them is always the way to go- at the end of the day, they’re your friend. Being a good friend can turn a terrible day into an okay day, which may not seem like much, but can mean the world to them.

Not sure what your friend can/can’t do, Ask.

Planning an activity and you think your friend might not be able to go, make sure to still ask them. They feel they are welcome, considered and included .Never assume what your friend can or can’t do or exclude them from being invited.

Accessibility is not an afterthought

When planning for an evening out, consider the needs and preferences of your friends before you make your plans, rather than after. Planning to get a drink? Research places nearby that have wheelchair access. Going to a restaurant? Pick a quieter place for your friend who’s hard of hearing. It’s not too difficult, and it will be greatly appreciated

Being Fun is great, but be sensitive

Just be open to the fun. Joking is a healthy part of friendship, but know what things are a no go. If there has been an incident around disability do not bring it up. Some people I know are extremely funny about their disability, let them set the note

Add to positivity

If your friend is positive about their condition, encourage that. If they comment that they’re having a good day with their disability, let them know that you’re happy for them!

Lastly, Just be a good friend

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