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Ever wondered if mobility is a challenge, probably not as we have so many modes, Buses, Trains, Autos, Cabs, Ola & Uber.  We don’t even know it is a privilege for us, if you don’t agree ask People with Disabilities & Seniors.

There are endless challenges that the Elderly/disabled face with Mobility. One should observe when a wheelchair-bound person tries to get into a Cab or Auto, forget Public transport.  Even Bedridden people at home need Mobility, might be just to answer nature’s call.

myUDAAN accepts these challenges and improves Mobility for Disabled /Elderly. It provides People Mobility solutions thru its app. It is convenient than ever to book a wheelchair Taxi , Wheelchair Assistant or an Assistant at home for the bedridden.

myUDAAN Wheelchair Taxis are well equipped with hydraulic lifts to carry the wheelchairs effortlessly and without stress. Our Wheelchair Assistants can accompany your beloved ones on their outdoor tours. Patient care assistants help your family by being bedside for assistance.

Lets  make Mobility  accessible thru myUDAAN

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