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Social Branding – Adding Impact to your Branding

How myUDAAN helps emotional connect

Alarming !!!

How do you keep your Brand growing when

  • Consumers are ignoring advertising & commercials more and more, it becomes challenging to get their attention
  • Most of the advertising medium is overloaded
  • Pure transactional relationship is bygone, Price benefits only erode the market
  • Millenials, Gen Z are looking to give business to companies that work towards Social purpose

Intelligent Data

We create Opportunities for Corporate’s to embed Social Impact within their Branding Strategy

64% Willing to pay extra for Products & Services from Companies committed to Social Impact

9% increase in numbers as compared to 2011 data ( Nielson 2014 ‘Doing well by Doing Good’)

17.8 +  Bn USD was spent on Social Impact worldwide

65% + Companies have programs for Social Impact

93% + of worlds largest companies publish their work on Social Impact

Associate with a Social Cause

Associate with a Social Cause


Create a Memory for 170 million PwD and Elderly .

Wheelchair Service will be a Buzz for Brand . A Real Life Social Video


Create Moments for Mall Patrons . Your Brand for a Social Purpose will find emotional connect with public


A meaningful association of Brand with a Social message rates the Brand higher in Society. It will bring high Return on Impact

More for you

  • Together we will succeed at engaging your audience by bringing to light a social issue
  • Together we will create a blue ocean for your Branding thru Social support
  • Customers are more likely to stick to brands with emotional connect
  • Functional benefit along with emotional benefit & Rational benefit will assure Returns on Marketing
  • Enhance Company reputation & Brand Awareness

What companies want

  • Companies want to sell more products, more customers, more money

  • Advertising , Branding Selling have done a fair job, but Companies are looking for newer, better customer acquisition & retention strategies

What customers want

  • Customer coexists seamlessly in a physical world and digital world

  • Customer want products to fulfill their functional need. If it fulfills an emotional need it will be preferred over pure functional Product

Emotional Buying

  • BRAND story should be REAL , ex a real life video showing  CARE in physical world

  • Elderly Care is strongest Emotional Connector to build trust in Elderly incontinence

  • BRAND helping consumer and Society will have long term emotional connect with the BRAND

Emotional buying always scores above rational buying



  • Drive Cost Saving & more share of wallet

Potential Metrics

  • Savings from Cause Marketing & Social Impact Related Upsells


  • Enhance Company reputation & Brand Awareness

Potential Metrics

  • Social Media engagement, NGO awards & recognition. Improved corporate Rankings


  • Attract top talent to work in Organization

Potential Metrics

  • Number of applications from Social impact related recruitment efforts. Number of applicants who rank CSR as important


  • Improve employee retention engagement & satisfaction

Potential Metrics

  • Average tenure of employees engaged in social impact. Average number of employees participating in social impact


  • Build meaningful relationships

Potential Metrics

  • Number of non profit partnerships. Number of partners /investors who rank social impact as important

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