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Ryder TC-10

  • Folding Commode Chair.
  • Fixed Backrest & Handle.
  • Light Weight and Powder Coated.
  • PVC Seat, PVC Round Pot Removable with Handle and Cover, Lock System.

CP 200

Karma CP 200 Paediatric Wheelchair is designed with adjustable armrestand and front casters, along with headrest and trunk support to provide optimal comfort for your child at every moment.

VOIS – communication aid

Product “VOIS” is a pair of gloves that come with a tiny smartwatch-like screen. The sensors on the gloves enable the users to convert preset sentences into speech. Further, the tiny screen also converts the other person’s speech into text for the hearing impaired. VOIS aids speech and hearing-impaired people in communicating with hearing people. VOIS is a pair of gloves with several touch-sensitive spots on fingers, by touching these spots with thumb users can frame any sentence which is then spoken out by the paired smartwatch.