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KM-CP33 Wheelchair

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Design for children with Cerebral Palsy/ Muscular dystrophy. The combination of Tilt-in-space and Recline system on KM-CP33 provides a perfect pressure-free sitting environment for children. Separator, trunk supporter, dining tray and many other accessories and options are available to personalize the most suitable KM-CP33 for your children.

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Tilt-in-Space System for Pressure Release

Tilt-in-space system not only provides full supports to the back of the kids but also evenly distributes buttock pressure, thereby stabilizing the sitting posture and minimizing the chance of developing the pressure ulcer. In addition, tilting slightly while moving forward can bring additional safety to the user.

Recline System

Recline system provides kids with the most comfortable resting environment. It also allows stretching abdominal muscle that reduces the stress and discomfort developed after long sitting on the wheelchair.

Light and Easy to Transport

KM-CP33 is compact when folded and with its light weight of only 11kg, it is super convenient for transport and storage.
It is recommended to purchase other supportive devices if user travels frequently.

Detachable and Swing-away Footrest

Tool-free swing away footrest brings convenience for kids to change position. Compact and easy to store when folded.
Optional elevated footrests allow users to raise legs and relax muscles when reclined.


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