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Posted by myudaanstore on  March 22, 2021

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“Every person has a different kind of disability, and we need to accept & learn from each other “ If the above quote is understood in its true meaning, then NO, Disability does not hamper success. Disability starts with a perception that being disabled restricts success, and this starts taking shape at a very early stage in the life of a PwD. The family becomes overprotective, dependency scores over, making the Person with disability (PwD)


Posted by myudaanstore on  March 2, 2021

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First, we need to understand what investing in Social Impact means.  Social Impact Investment is a means by which individuals, institutions & governments can generate positive, measurable, social & environmental impacts alongside a financial return. Next, why do individuals or entities invest. The baseline is fourfold Intention – the intention is to have a positive impact on investment.ROI – The expectation is to have a return on investment while supporting the impactDiverse range – offers
Given the sorry state of infrastructure for PwD (Persons with Disability), it would be natural for anyone to be biased and judge this with a negative response. There is the state of the art buildings that boast of world-class amenities but score a big zero when it comes to accessibility for PwD. One can come across so many experiences when speaking about the lack of facilities for this community, but there is always hope and
Firstly, it would be important to understand the level of disability of the person we are trying to help . Based on the level of disability, we will understand the mobility challenges faced by the person. Once this is known, adjustments can be made to make the person mobile. Mobility aids such as walking sticks, rollators, crutches, wheelchairs can be suggested to help the person with Mobility. You will be surprised what a person with
Lets make our country barrier-free for people with disabilities. Yes, it is. If you look around 8 out of 10 people from the disability community do not venture out of their homes because of Mobility challenges. If they step out, they can challenge the world, do the unimaginable thin people with disability face different challenges and the most daunting is one where they are considered to be different, special. Ask any person with a disability

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