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Is Wheelchair Taxi Needed?

Firstly we need to understand why we need to make a Car/Van wheelchair Accessible  The need arises when any of our family, relatives or friend is a wheelchair bound person. What we need to keep in mind is the headroom of the car as entry/exit is critical and it might be inconvenient for the person on wheelchair while getting in and out of the car/van. Having said that a very cost effective way is equipping …

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Don’t Help a Disabled Person

One fine gentleman posted a question? ” Should we help a disabled person waiting at Zebra Crossing ” I said NO. It would be very inhumane to say NO, why wouldn’t anybody help. We would all want to help this person so that he/she can reach the destination. Remember, most of the persons with disabilities have learned to live in society. Yes, there would be a greater level of difficulty, some more time but they …

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CORONA IS GOING TO HAPPEN TO EVERYONE But REMEMBER THIS: In the US a prisoner was sentenced to death, some scientists thought that they should do an experiment on this prisoner. The prisoner was told that he will be killed by the bite of a poisonous cobra instead of hanging:  A cobra was brought in front of him, they closed the prisoner’s eyes and tied him to a chair.  He was pricked with two safety …


Startup Incubated at FasterCapital

myUDAAN is a Technology Driven Social Impact startup. Solving PEOPLE MOBILITY problems especially for Disabled, Elderly, Bedridden, expecting mothers & temporarily disabled. Our startup has got the initial acceptance into FasterCapital’s technical co-founder program and has secured USD 16000 which is half of its funding.

10 Health tips for Senior Citizens

Your Golden years can be truly golden if you follow very simple suggestions to lead an active social life. myUDAAN helps senior citizens with in premise Mobility, outbound Mobility, Travel & Home Care. Go Out – start your day by going out, either in the society premise, the society garden, or the closest Nana Nani park. Get some sunlight, you will be amazed at the energy you will have for the rest of the day.  …

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