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Flexx S Wheelchair

The Flexx Series is all about comfort, support, and performance. If you are an active user looking for an ideal custom-made wheelchair, explore the many options that the Flexx Series has to offer and find the right combination to match you and your needs.

The Flexx S (KM-8022S / KM-8522S) is equipped with many adjustable features like rear wheel axle position, backrest angle, backrest height, and seat depth, just to name a few. With the elliptical-frame design, the Flexx wheelchair is not only stylish but also robust and durable.

Adjustable Dimensions

The Flexx S incorporates many adjustable features to improve comfort, support and mobility such as adjustable backrest angle, backrest height, seat depth, and rear wheel axle position, etc. Along with the many wheel options, this model is highly configurable to suit varying needs.

Adjustable Rear Wheel Axle

By changing the position of the rear wheel axle, you change the center of gravity of the wheelchair and thus changing the performance of the wheelchair.

Moving the rear wheels back will increase the base area, therefore making the chair most stable. Moving the rear wheels forwards will decrease the base area, allowing the caster to roll and swivel more easily.

The ideal position is based on the individual’s weight, height, and strength. By changing the center of gravity, the Flexx can be configured to meet the preference of the user.

Detachable Swing-Away Footrest

Allows for easy transfer, on and off the wheelchair and detaches with no tools required.


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