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Assistance & Accessibility

How to use myUDAAN Service


myUDAAN Mobile app can be easily downloaded from Google play store or simply by clicking on below link

App Download Link


A very simple Registration process with your mobile number and OTP makes it hassle-free to start using

App Download Link

Book Assistant

Simply select Book My Assistant on our app home page. View How our Service works with our App Video.

App Download Link

Update Profile

Update your profile by entering basic details

Select Location

Choose whether you would want to visit Mall, Cinema or Stores

Select Date & Time

Select City, Date, Time and Confirm your Booking

myUDAAN – A Single epicenter app for Mobility, Assistance & Accessibility

  • myUDAAN Service

Accessibility in Mobility (My Access)

myUDAAN provides free Accessibility Information Service to PwD’s. They can get information on locations that are PwD accessible & friendly.

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